How a Secure Digital Workspace Solution will Simplify your IT

A lot has changed since we were children. Children no longer spend all day outside harassing the neighbours and it’s not the norm for cars to stall halfway up every hill. You can book a train ticket on your phone, order a takeaway online and find your way around a foreign city without having to […]

Citrix Digital Workspace in Your Car

Getting a new car is always a fun moment. I guess we all have our little routines when we get our hands on the keys; maybe you plan a fun day out with the family, or a romantic weekend away with your partner in the South of France. Whatever your thing, spending that much money […]

You Say Cloud, They Say….

Oh Good! Oh God?! Sign here! Really?! Can we help? Are you sure? The sun is out today on this bright and crisp November morning. I’d love to say ‘not a cloud in the sky’, but hey, I’m in Manchester so the sun is a brief visitor in these parts! So lets talk clouds. It’s […]

It’s Halloween! Beware of Zombies!

Well, it’s Halloween, so I thought it apt to draw attention to a blight of our modern age – Zombies! To be more precise: Zombie VMs!! These modern terrors lurk, silently, in our data centres, consuming brains (aka CPU resource and RAM)- with no clear purpose. At least, not a purpose that anybody can remember.  […]