The cloud is all about accessibility. But when accessibility is factored in, it’s usually in relation to accessing your applications, data and virtual desktop. Which is great and all, but what about the human aspect of it? (And I’m only so aware that I’m talking about a piece of tin.) In this blog post, I’m going to take a deeper perspective of cloud accessibility, and talk about content collaboration with Citrix Sharefile. Any employer worth their salt knows just how important teamwork is. So why aren’t we screaming about it from the rooftops? Why does content collaboration get so neglected in the Cloud Decision Chats? You know what, if you had a fabulous content collaboration solution your users would be able to collaboratively sing about it together. If that image of a Glee-like rendition of Don’t Stop Believing isn’t enough for you to dance your way through the hallway to get your hands on Sharefile, you’ll need to read on.

As we said, good teamwork is required to do a good job. And there’s no excuse for being out of the office, or on the opposite side of the country, or across the ocean. It’s a delicate balance of office culture, good leadership and the tools that make it happen. I can’t help you with the leadership thing, or the office culture (though I do recommend bowling if you’re a smallish team, no one has to be good at bowling to do it- ice skating/rollerblading would be a solid no for most people), but when it comes to collaboration tools, I’ve got you. “But why get new tools?” you ask. Wasn’t email, mobile and Skype good enough? Unfortunately, not anymore. Email threads get tangled, document versions get out of sync, files get lost in storage silos only to be found six months after you needed them, and mobile workers become isolated. If anything, what you have now is holding your team back.

But hey! You’ve got (or are looking at deploying) cloud. That magic box of tricks is bound to have something in it to help with this, right? Absolutely. With the right cloud-based applications you’ll see the immediate impact on your organisation. Speed up decisions, send the right file to the right person at the right time, increase your security, minimise your IT overhead and make the most of company knowledge and resources, all with Sharefile. We’ve all learned from school that collaboration can be a bit of a nightmare. No matter what class project you’re working on, there will always be someone who puts their blood, sweat and many, many tears to get 100% in their part, and then there’s inevitably someone who cobbles together anything at the last minute and brings down the grade. Regardless of the fact that we’re all adults here, it still happens. Emails get ignored, deadlines come and go while tumbleweeds roll around you waiting for a reply, and then you have to go into ‘Nagging Mother Mode’ to prod them every so often so that you get something. Frankly, it’s exhausting. While Sharefile can’t hand-deliver an email and watch as the receiver opens and consumes the information, it can help with the other little niggly bits.

How? With content collaboration, your company knowledge isn’t isolated in your server room. It doesn’t matter where you are, or what device you’ve grabbed to make a quick edit, you can access all the files and applications that you need- and not the files that you shouldn’t have access to. Hallelujah, having to install the software you need on every device- even if you just need to borrow your daughter’s iPad to send a quick email- is a thing of the past. Once you have internet access, you’ll be grand. And if your daughter’s iPad has the potential to be riddled with malware and other nasties, you don’t need to worry; every file is protected with bank-level security and encryption. And, it’s all managed centrally. Nice one. Basically, old, licenced applications that have to be installed on every computer are going to be extinct pretty soon, with cloud being the preferred delivery model. And it’s so quick and easy to get the content collaboration ball rolling- in fact, it only takes three simple steps;

Move your files to the cloud
Obviously, moving your files to the cloud is the first step. Sharefile delivers sharing and storage that can rescue your end users from the email nightmare, so that you can forget about lost attachments, file-size limits and unsecure collaboration. It’s pretty easy, as far as IT goes, but it improves your company’s efficiency, productivity and security instantly.

Move your applications to the cloud
Next step; your applications. You definitely already use cloud applications, without even realising it. SalesForce, Gmail, Office 365, these are all magic in that they can follow you around where ever, and whatever device, you go. These will probably be the first that you pop onto your brand-new cloud, as well as your most important on-site apps- the ones on your servers or locally installed on each computer. This is where app virtualisation comes in, turning your Window-based program that your team relies on into a cloud app for easy access.

Move your desktops to the cloud
Don’t you hate watching a newbie join the team? Just handing them a new laptop makes you cry internally as you add it to the growing list of desktops that you have to manage, knowing that no matter what you do, there will always be an unpatched and unsecure device floating around out there. Good news; cloud-based desktops mean that everything is managed centrally, so you click a few buttons and it’s all done. No more hunting them down one by one and having to do them all manually.

So, are you ready to join the all-cheering, all-singing, all-dancing International Sharefile Glee club? Of course you are! Have a chat with our gleeful experts to launch your show-stopping content collaboration platform. Though I can’t promise that they’ll burst into song.

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