What We Do…

We design, build and manage secure Citrix Virtual Workspaces on Microsoft Azure. We do so by providing specialist skills and services across the whole lifecycle of your cloud transformation journey.

Business Case

Understanding the implications of infrastructure transformation can be a daunting task.  It’s just about comparing the financial implications of various options; it’s about understanding the implications of dozens of variables and how they might impact your strategy.

Now more than ever; it’s also about understanding how changing technology and business needs can be integrated into a strategy in near real-time.  This concept of Just-in-Time innovation lies at the heart of our business case methodology.
We’ve helped hundreds of clients to build a business case that provides them with a clear, Board-Ready, vision of the various moving parts.  Our business cases are invariably used to create momentum within a client’s organisation, providing a central rallying call as part of a wider business strategy.
Oh, and did we mention that in most instances we do this as a free of charge exercise?  And why wouldn’t we?  It allows time for us to get to know each other and to gain a deep understanding of your business needs.https://vimeo.com/276417656


Designing a cloud solution is more than just right-click-and-go.

Our cloud architects know that your solution needs to reflect your current and anticipated requirements but, more importantly, it needs to be capable of adopting changing technology, respond to changing price models and your changing organisational circumstances.
Our design services focus on the changing components over time as you transition from your current state to your desired future state. By working with a select number of specialist product vendors, whose strategies encompass open, rather than proprietary, design approaches; we are able to deliver an evolving platform that avoids ‘vendor lockin’.


We’re very proud of our consultants, after all they’ve been building virtual workspace solutions for over a decade, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a well-rounded consultant.

Firstly, we recognise that, while important, book-smarts alone don’t make a good consultant.  Our consultants are chosen for their experience as much as their certifications; ensuring that they are capable of thinking out of the box when faced with a challenge.
Secondly, they see knowledge transfer as a duty not a chore.  This is important for clients who want to retain and develop their in-house skills.  At key points (or all points if you prefer) during an implementation we will schedule time for our teams to work closely together to ensure that the transition to business-as-usual is as seamless as it can be.
Finally, we recognise the importance of testing before we entrust a new environment to your users.  Our consultants will conduct thorough operational and functional acceptance testing before handing your new hybrid cloud infrastructure over to you.


We’ve moved hundreds of organisations to virtual workspaces over the years, and each one has been different; apart, that is, from their requirement to complete the transition with minimum disruption and as soon as possible.

Our Project Management teams have a wealth of experience in managing infrastructure transformation projects.  They understand that they are not just ‘implementing’ new technology; but that they are responsible for guiding the client in how to manage the transition with minimal impact.
We also recognise that ‘migration’ isn’t a one-shot deal.  The nature of today’s cloud transformation projects means that there’s always some element of an IT infrastructure being migrated as part of the journey.  instrato remains on-hand for the life of your journey, ensuring that routine infrastructure transitions often occur without your users even noticing.

Support & Managed Services

We provide 1st to 4th line support and managed services to hundreds of clients across the UK; allowing their IT teams to concentrate on delivering strategic business value, while we take care of business-as-usual.

Our managed service clients include police, ambulance and fire services; global manufacturers and small start-ups.  In each case they rely on us to do three things:

1. Keep The Lights On

We take care of the little (and big) things to ensure service continuity and performance.  Through real-time monitoring, health checks and business continuity enactment; we provide our clients with the confidence that their IT services will remain ‘on’.

Our manages service can be tailored to provide anything from hands-off 4th line support; to 1st line user incident and service request handling on a 24/7 basis.

2. Stay Cost Effective

By decoupling your infrastructure from the underlying cloud platform; you are able to take advantage of changes in underlying costs models and new innovations in cloud hosting environments, wide area networking costs and cyber security innovations.

3. Stay Business-Relevant

What is ‘business relevant’?  It’s simply the ongoing ability of an organisations IT function to maintain alignment to the wider organisations strategy.

How do we do this? Firstly, by designing and building the solution in anticipation of change.  We then provide ongoing optimisation, health-checks and face-to-face workshops to ensure that, whatever the question; you continue to be able to say ‘yes’ to your users and business.

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