Who We are…

We’re Instrato, we’ve been helping our clients to build 
cloud-ready-infrastructures for over 16 years.

Our Vision

If you could start again, with a clean sheet of paper; would you build your IT infrastructure the same way as it now?  We suspect not.  Instead you’d carefully identify your business IT requirements, and then find a SaaS solution that meets them.

Unfortunately, not many organisations get to start with a clean piece of paper; that’s where instrato comes in.

We believe that cloud transformation isn’t a single thing you do – instead we see it as a journey and, like any journey, you need a clear destination.  For most organisations the final destination in your cloud transformation journey is SaaS; however, in the dash-for-SaaS you need to bring your legacy infrastructure along with you.  At least for a little while.

We’ve been helping our clients to build cloud-ready-infrastructures for over 16 years, and for them, like many organisations, their cloud journey has already started.  Our clients have already adopted elements of public, private and personal cloud; yet they are continuing to strive for an all SaaS future.

At instrato we make this ongoing journey transparent to the end user, painless for your IT team, and cost positive for your business.  We do so by choosing technology partners that understand the journey; and then combine their technologies with our great people to deliver business outcomes.

Our Partners

Who else would you trust with your Citrix deployment? We were born a Citrix partner over 16 years ago, and in that time we’ve learned a lot about delivering successful virtual workspace solutions.

As a Platinum Citrix Solutions Provider holding all four Citrix Specialisations; we are proud to be one of only a few partners with the skills and a proven track record of delivering the full portfolio of Citrix products.

We’ve been deploying Microsoft solutions for over 16 years and the evolution of Azure provides a new strategic platform on which to build our virtual workspace solutions.

As a strategic Azure platform partner we are able to leverage native Azure functionality and to stage legacy workloads as part of our planning.

Questions & Answers

So… You’re Cetus then?

Well, yes, we are.  instrato was created to provide focus and clarity for our customers.  By providing a clear focus on their cloud journey we are able to concentrate on the specific business outcomes that are driving cloud transformation.  Meanwhile, Cetus provides the support services and wider product portfolio that allows instrato to address the challenges that can arise on a complicated project.

Are you just another ‘hybrid cloud’ company?

It’s fair to say that any successful infrastructure solutions provider that’s been around as long as we have is, by definition, a hybrid cloud company. 

Where we differ is that we don’t just adapt and create hybrid solutions that meet current needs; instead we design and support hybrid cloud solutions that are able to adapt to our clients changing needs over time, and as new technologies arise.

Are you a SaaS provider?

Nope. We provide the solutions and services that allow you to manage your transition to SaaS over time.  Our solution designs are intended to evolve over time as you enact your IT strategy.  More importantly, we help to mask the complexity of change from your users.

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